Complete hearing care with free aftercare

Aftercare is free

We don’t just sell hearing aids, we provide complete hearing care, which means FREE aftercare for the lifetime of your hearing aids.

As an independent hearing care specialist we can provide comprehensive service and support that’s focused on providing the best possible care, as well as value for money.

There is a reason why our customers rate us so highly.

Choose what’s right for you

We are here to help you choose the hearing care solution that’s right for you.

We will talk to you about the challenges you face in different environments, your lifestyle and your budget.

The price of your hearing care solution will depend on your degree of hearing loss and the type of hearing aid, and features, you choose.

Once you’ve had your hearing test, our audiologists will talk you through all the options available to you.

Our hearing aid prices

We offer hearing solutions from all the leading hearing aid manufacturers and we have a hearing aid for every budget.

From just £995 for a pair of hearing aids, or £695 for a single hearing aid, in our budget range, up to £4,790 for a pair, or £3,350 for a single aid in our Prestige Blue Diamond collection. Simply choose from the collection that best suits you and your lifestyle. Our Audiologist is here to help you if you need advice. 

All our hearing aids include FREE aftercare for the lifetime of the hearing aid, a 60 day moneyback guarantee and up to 5 years’ warranty as standard.

Take a look at what we offer and how it might suit your lifestyle:

Blue Diamond

****** Plus

Aimed at those with a zest for life who are on a road of discovery, so need an extra level of prestige to help them live life to the full. With ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) features, these most dynamic of hearing devices not only mimic how your brain would hear sound without any hearing impairment, they can also convert speech into text and translate 16 spoken languages. 

Great for worldwide travel or keeping in touch on zoom calls! With all the benefits of our Diamond collection, including alerts, and so much more.



Aimed at those who believe life is an adventure and want to make the most of every opportunity. With all the joys of AI available from today’s hearing devices, for the very richest of listening experiences, whether you’re at home, the Opera or a local concert. Specialist technology to suit the most musical of ears. 

Clear speech recognition in any environment – at home, work, leisure or travel. At this level you benefit from virtual assistance, medication reminders and lifesaving fall detection and alerts to notify your emergency contacts. 



Aimed at the most socially active person, or someone who simply wants one of the best and latest hearing devices available. 

With a superior level of technology and the most advanced noise control and fully automatic features, these are suitable for all environments, from 1-2-1s through to the most demanding cocktail party or drinks gathering. Best in class for the ever-ranging TV sounds, great for conversation in the car and for very noisy environments. 



Aimed at the socially active and independent person – someone who finds themselves in more complex environments regularly. 

This level of technology has advanced noise control, automatic adaptation and directional features. For effective use outdoors and around the home, when watching TV, having dinner around the table, as well as in small and large groups at family and friend at gatherings, in coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets and meetings. 



Aimed at the more active and independent person. This level of technology has an element of noise control and automatic directional settings. 

Ideal for use in all home environments, but also for when there are competing sounds, like when walking outdoors, in coffee shops, in small groups, supermarkets, church, theatres and at family and friend gatherings. 



Aimed at more independent living, but with limited exposure to complex listening environments. 

Ideally suited for listening in smaller groups, perhaps at coffee mornings, church groups and when shopping. 



Aimed at the most quiet of lifestyles. Ideally suited to quieter environments like 1-2-1 conversations, talking on the telephone and watching television. 


Entry level, programmable, digital technology to boost all sounds. 

A wise investment

Hearing aids aren’t just about helping your hearing, they are also proven to help improve your quality of life and lessen your susceptibility to other age-related health conditions, like dementia.

Being able to hear means less social isolation, more confidence and heightened cognitive ability. That’s why investing in a hearing solution can be a wise investment for your health and happiness!

Our local clinic locations

Request an appointment and find out more about our services at your local clinic, our opening hours and directions here:

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What our customers say about us

Malcolm Parkes
6. February, 2024
Attend there on a regular basis. Friendly, helpful and caring!
Shivjot Dhanju
22. September, 2023
Fantastic service, very friendly staff and I will definitely be recommending to friends and family
Rob Clifford MBE
20. September, 2023
If you need your Ears Mending & not Bending then Peninsula Hearing Care cannot be praised highly enough! Emma and her colleagues at Teignmouth have come to my rescue at short notice on two occasions in the last 6 months. The first was after a long haul flight in April following a wax removal treatment in the Far East which was not really satisfactory. The second occasion was a couple of weeks ago when I thought it prudent to have ears checked prior to another long haul flight returning to The Orient. On both occasions sterling work was carried out by Emma & her Audiologist colleague who's name I can't recall, between them they cleared my ears of hairy "birds nests" and wax cheerfully and with real interest in me as a person rather than just a patient! As an extra bonus I have noticed that my Tinnitus does not seem as severe. I can not stress enough on how quickly efforts were made to fit me in and I will be certainly booking in regularly now just to keep a check on my aural condition..Thank you again Peninsula and I look forward to visiting again
Greg Thomson
6. July, 2023
As a visitor from Canada, I recently had a couple of issues with my hearing aids and charging unit. I was very impressed with the friendly and helpful service I received, with the staff recognizing that I was a long way from home and needed help with my hearing issues. I can't recommend Peninsula Hearing highly enough. Thanks very much for your help-you went over and above on my behalf. Greg from Langley (near Vancouver), British Columbia, Canada.
John Milsom
2. June, 2023
Warm, friendly and expert service from Jo and Emma in Teignmouth who were both brilliant. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Lovely people, brilliant at what they do.
Ian Hartley
4. September, 2022
The lady who did the wax removal was very pleasant and did both ears in about 10 minutes. When she cleared my left ear it was such a relief as could not hear much out of it for about 10 days. I would reccomend this service to anyone
Jane Lea
25. August, 2022
Peninsula Hearing offers a highly professional and friendly service. They have supplied aids for my Mother in a care home locally, the aftercare and follow up visits greatly appreciated.
Rob Fielding
4. August, 2022
Fantastic service and what lovely people. They got me a same day appointment after suffering for 2 weeks with blocked ears. Highly recommended with anyone with ear issues.
Mike Vosper
7. July, 2022
Fantastic service from the team at Peninsula. They really do look after you and I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Anthony Ballinger
22. September, 2021
Michelle was so helpful and kind. A pleasure to do business with her. Thank you . Anthony B