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Service you can rely on

A hearing test at a Peninsula Hearing Care clinic in Devon and Cornwall - an audiologist is looking into a patients ear with an otoscope

Comprehensive & free

Aftercare is a critically important consideration when choosing a hearing care provider.

At Peninsula Hearing Care, we provide comprehensive, free aftercare at all our clinic locations, because we recognise that you can’t just put a hearing aid on, walk away and hope for the best. You will need ongoing support from a team of dedicated audiologists.

When choosing Peninsula Hearing Care to provide you with independent hearing care, we guarantee that we will be there to support you, absolutely free, for the lifetime of your hearing aids. We want you to have complete peace of mind.

Find your local Peninsula Hearing Care practice and get the most out of your hearing care provider.

60 day money back guarantee

All our hearing solutions come with a 60 day money back guarantee because we appreciate that you need to try it out in all listening environments, so if you’re not entirely satisfied, you can simply return your hearing aid to us for an exchange or full refund. (The hearing aids need to be in original condition, and returned with all packaging and accessories.)

Up to 5 years warranty

We offer up to 5 years’ warranty as standard on all our hearing solutions, the best you will find from any hearing aid provider, in the unlikely event that a manufacturer’s repair is needed.

Free servicing

Getting the optimum performance from your hearing aids is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we provide free servicing of your hearing aids for their lifetime. As part of our service, you are entitled to free follow-up appointments, annual hearing health care check-ups and cleaning of your hearing aids.

Comprehensive patient support

Our patient support team are always on hand to answer any queries or concerns you might have, either in your local audiology clinic, by phone, email or live chat. Simply contact them for free advice on how to use your hearing aids, maintenance and cleaning of your hearing aids and replacement batteries.

We can even provide you with remote care assistance for your hearing solution, by phone or video call with one of our audiologists if you need it.

Free annual hearing test

We recommend having your hearing checked every year so we can make any adjustments to your hearing aids if your hearing changes. Hearing tests and ear health check ups annually are free as a valued Peninsula Hearing Care patient.

Service you can rely on

Comprehensive, free aftercare is a crucially important consideration when you’re looking for hearing aids because, unlike glasses for example, you don’t use put on hearing aids and simply walk away. You will need ongoing care and support from a dedicated hearing care specialist.

As independent hearing care professionals we will always recommend what’s best for your individual needs. We’ll consider your amount of hearing loss, your lifestyle, and of course, your budget.

Hearing aids may also need a degree of tuning, so that they work best around your own set of every day sounds. We can fine tune your hearing aids for optimal performance and effectiveness relative to you.

Follow up appointments

We will arrange for a follow up appointment with your audiologist where we will:

  • Discuss your progress and experiences so far.
  • Ask you about the environments in which you’ve used your hearing aids.
  • Determine whether your hearing aids need fine tuning as a result of your chat.
  • Ask you whether your personal goals are being met and if not, advise what we can do to about it to help.
  • Check the fit, comfort and ease of use of your hearing aids.

Free annual check ups

Just like regular visits to your dentist help maintain your dental health and prevent the onset of problems, regular health care checks for your hearing are perhaps even more important.

As part of your free aftercare lifetime service, your local Peninsula audiologist will invite you to have an annual check-up of your hearing health. We will examine your ears, test your hearing and ask you how your hearing aids are performing for you.

We will also service your hearing aids and make any necessary adjustments.

Here for you

Your hearing health is really important to us and that’s why our patient support team and your local Peninsula audiologist are always on hand to help you.

We’re based in your local opticians, so you can be assured of our attention and service when you most need it!

After all, getting the best value for money for your hearing aids isn’t just about the cost. It’s about getting the ongoing service you need, when you need it.

We think this makes the world of difference.

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